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Engelman Law is committed to fighting for worker rights and ensuring that employees are fairly treated and compensated.  Engelman Law represents clients in a variety of labor and employment matters, including allegations of wrongful termination, retaliation, employment discrimination and harassment, and noncompetition violations.  An Engelman Law lawyer can explain your rights and legal options and offer you intelligent legal guidance and experienced representation if filing a formal complaint or litigation is appropriate.


We also advise companies, both big and small, on: workplace Labor Code compliance, development of company infrastructure for human resource policies & procedures, and drafting & review of employee handbooks and internal company memoranda/documentation.


We also have experience representing clients in arbitrations, litigation in state and federal courts, and administrative proceedings before such government agencies as the National Labor Relations Board, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the federal and state Departments of Labor.  The firm has represented both individual plaintiffs as well as class actions in claims involving pattern and practice discrimination, civil rights violations, wage and hour collective actions, accommodations under disabilities laws and wrongful discharge.


Our practice areas include:


  • Employer Compliance

  • General Counsel Services

  • FMLA Violations

  • Labor Relations

  • Employment Litigation

     ° Wrongful Termination

     ° Retaliation/Whistleblower

     ° Discrimination (Sexual/Racial/Age/Pregnancy/Gender)

     ° Harassment (Sexual/Racial/Age/Pregnancy/Gender)

     ° Wage and Hour

  • Workplace Employee Policies and Procedures

Labor & Employment

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